PSM – POP Essential Pack 1 – Premium Voice & Style Expansion Pack


Video Demo Voices Styles part 1 Styles part 2
  • 74 Pop Voices (Piano, E Piano, Guitar, Bass, Saxophone, Bells, Flute, Violin, Asia Sound….)
  • Bonus: more than 70 Styles with the intro & ending… using Sampler Drumkit from Ballad, R&B, Dance, Pop .. – Each style support only Major or Manor Chord
  • 9 Pop Kit ( 9 Multi-Layer Kits, Stereo Sampler), 2 Percussion Kits
  • 70 styles come with OTS (one touch setting)
  • Memory Requirement: 370MB
  • Note: this pack is not refundable after purchase. After the payment is completed, please send us your keyboard instrument info file
  • Each pack just can be installed on one keyboard base on the instrument info file.
  • File Type: CPF and CPI Format
  • With S770 and S775, you can remove heavy voice such as Piano, Guitar to make the pack smaller by using CPF file in Yamaha Expansion Software.